Presidential Election: We need your input

Hello FanBoxers!

It's been a while since I've posted -- as it has been important that I step aside from the spotlight to make room for the President you elected, Brian Woosley.

I did miss speaking with everyone, however! :)

If you remember, we decided that the first Presidential term would be 6 months -- to allow our new democracy to learn to crawl before it learns to walk.

(Very short term, I know. The next President's term should be 1 year, in my opinion, and then we can increase terms even further from there, if everything is going well).

Well, Brian has been President for exactly 4 months now -- which means his term is coming to an end in only 2 months.

 This means that it is time for a new election -- as our charter calls for Presidents not being able to be reelected -- so that they can spend the entirety of their terms working for the members, instead of working on their reelection.

Question:  Would you like to extend Brian's term by 6 months -- so that his term is one full year?

Or would you rather hold a new election, and elect a new President?

I guess the question really boils down to whether or not you feel he's doing a good job for you; or whether you think someone else will do a better job.

We need your feedback, because if you want a new election, we'll need to start the process for that very soon.

Please leave your thoughts, below.

And if you would rather communicate confidentially, feel free to send me an email.

Thanks in advance. 


And the winner of the Presidential Election is...

The elections are over, and the FanBox community and company has itself a new President.

Congratulations to the winner Brian Woosley!

                          (You can see the election results here)


Here is Brian's acceptance video:



And congratulations to Manuela Alexuc, the runner-up.

She ran a clean campaign, and the FanBox employees were very impressed with her when they had the chance to meet her a few weeks ago.

Here is her message to you:



Brian's term starts on September 23.  

I am sure he will do a great job at representing all FanBoxers, as he sets out to improve FanBox.

Please join me in congratulating Brian and wishing him good luck!

Polls are OPEN: Cast your final round vote!


Hello FanBoxers,

Who do you choose to be the first community-elected President of the FanBox Corporation?


The polls are now open:

                         Cast your vote!


The winner will be announced in just a few days...

The FanBox Presidential Debate

Hello FanBoxers!

You voted and selected the top 5 candidates to be FanBox's President.

Then, you voted again and selected the final two (2) candidates.

The final candidates (Manuela Alexuc and Brian Woosley) traveled to the FanBox offices -- to answer many of the questions you submitted.

FInal round voting starts in just 5 days.

Are you ready to cast your final vote and choose the new FanBox President?  

To help you decide who to vote for, we video-taped the debate -- where the founding mothers ask the candidates your questions.


So watch the debate, think carefully about who will best serve you, then cast your final vote in 5 days from now.

Here's the debate:

Got a question for the Presidential Candidates?

As you know, FanBox community members are getting ready for the final election round -- to vote for the company's next President.


        (View the results from the earlier election round here)


The Presidential Candidates are landing in San Diego within the next few hours, for the Presidential Debate.

The Presidential Debate will happen in about 48 hours from now. It will be video-taped, and the video will be posted to the FanBox site next week.

Do you have any questions you would like to ask the candidates in the debate?

If so, please email your questions to me.


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