How can you make FanBox faster?

Here'a a trick: Do NOT use Internet Explorer as your browser.

Instead, use Firefox, Safari or Chrome -- you will be shocked by how much faster FanBox


April, there are 2 amounts on the leaderboard: One of them is your All-Time earnings- which never goes down. But the other is earnings from the last 30 days - which can go up and down every day, because iwhat you made 31 days ago drops out of that amount each day. You don't lose that in your bank -- it just isn't included in your "last 30 day" number. Does this make sense?

62 months ago

I use Mozilla and its fast compared to IE. I don't know why this site is a little heavy as compared to facebook or Orkut

61 months ago

I am satisfied with Chrome

61 months ago

I've been using Chrome and it is much quicker than IE. Now I know why!

60 months ago

i use for FANBOX opera its too too much fast

59 months ago

really good info............!

57 months ago

thanks for this timely tips...

53 months ago

Am just curious on this why as soon as I stray thereafter on every point of interest on blogs, ive observed this eyefigure in red slash appearing at the bottom. Is this the one paging an error on the web or slowing the feedbk? Can JC advice on 2dos?

53 months ago

good information....

53 months ago

thanxxx dear JC.....*_*

53 months ago