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Are people copying your posts?

I am noticing - and hearing from you - that more and more of your posts are being outright copied and pasted by others - with no regards to who their rightful owner is -- and with no credit being offered to you as the original author.


Allan Tarawi

Admin of this site must filter those copying blog/s. Originality is the best!

87 months ago
кαтнεяιηε  ηℓcιтιzεη

As we all know that mostly of our articles are copied from the other site, so why not be kind to others and let them copy our post too. That's a kind of sharing and as a community we need to help each other and share ideas... It doesn't bother me at all, I'm glad that someone had earned some amount from my ideas, specially the beginners, they need help to begin and I know that someday they will learn and get inspired to make their own post. All I ask is to give credit to the sources as a retun favor

84 months ago
May Ram

I personally love the original writings. I don't like to copy or ,I don't like my writings being copied. But quoting is the different thing. I love that people bring some previews of books, news, some knowledge, to fanbox, but we all must respect the original authors, by mentioning their name, to honour their work. So I agree with quoting not just copy. On the other hand, we have to think about the standard of FanBox. We don't want to get FanBox a bad name. I doubtfully think some of them even read what they copied and pasted in their blogs, What I want to say is" quote " instead of just "copy and paste" PS: about using youtube, it is very obvious , we don't need to mention the name .youtube, because it is already there.

83 months ago
May Ram

I completely agree with TK.

83 months ago