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Why was my account deleted? Did I lose my earnings?


Recently, I've seen posts from people that had their accounts deleted -- so they made new accounts, and are now crying about how their earnings disappeared.


If your account was recently deleted, and you find yourself starting from the beginning, with zero in your FanBox bank, zero friends and zero fans -- and your blogs are all gone - WITHOUT WARNING - here's why:


Johnny Cash

I'm glad this post getting everyone's attention and thanks for the comments.

I am sorry if I made it seem like this is a call for suggestions - it's not -- I am just going overboard to ensure everyone understands how the FanBox algorithms work.

I agree that transparency is best - and that is exactly why I am communicating here - to ensure that everyone understands the algorithms. Everything I posted here has been made clear before, but I know we have newer folks here so it's good to remind.

Thanks for spreading the word, and of course you can repost it, David.

87 months ago
Johnny Cash

Ibrahim, it is my understanding that it is OK to copy and paste from Wikipedia -- they just ask that you give them credit.

So at the bottom of your post, say: Source: Wikipedia.

87 months ago
Johnny Cash

FanBox definitely deletes accounts that upload adult content. Please report all such photos and each and every one of them is reviewed.

87 months ago
Johnny Cash

Only one account Sudha - you are right.

Pamela - thanks for "getting it". I am proud to be building this community with you too.

Benita - glad all is well and everybody misses you too.

87 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hi April, I do not have access to your account, but guess what? Customer Service does! Reach out to them -and they will be happy to explain how the system works -- including the fact that each post and visitor makes different amounts - including zero for some visitors. They will be happy to look into your account if you like. Good luck.

87 months ago
Iftikhar Ahmad

very good information

87 months ago
Johnny Cash

Baby Clemen Del -- I do not have access to your account to be able to answer that question for you. Please contact customer service; they are standing by to assist you.

Estong -- no, unfortunately there is not. Feel free to contact customer service with your questions or comments.

87 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks for all the love, everyone -- especially at a sad time like this (speaking for myself, at least) when people we were believing in, turn out to be, well... sad.

Jason aka phyzz -- good ideas and thanks for the positive energy; can feel it from here. Will work on it.

Rose – thanks – I wish I was the guy behind it all. But I am super-excited to be involved and empowered to bring out the best in the community – and I take that responsibility very seriously because of passionate and positive people like you that fire us all up.

Everyone else: When someone reaches out to you with their stupid "you visit my blog, I'll visit yours" (objective being to make money) or other sad attempt to defraud other bloggers, remind them that:

1) It DOES NOT WORK. Really, it doesn't. Not even one penny has been gained that way.

How many ways can I say this? If it worked, FanBox wouldn't be in this business.

IT"S SOOOOO SAD to see people thinking that the only reason they have been earning money is because they have been gaming the system. What they don't realize is that -- they have earned absolutely nothing because of those activities -- but by doing those activities, and talking about them, all they're doing is creating a environment that attracts the wrong sorts of characters.

Why can't they just stop - for a moment - and try and believe in themselves - and think that maybe, just maybe, they can get ahead and be successful without cheating? Why can't they try, just for a few days, to make posts and ads, and find out that its not the fraudulent activities that were making them money?

So sad. You think you know someone - and then find out something you wish you had not.

2) Many accounts are still marked for deletion. I have personally unmarked many of them this morning - in the hopes that they will amend their ways. You know who you are - and I know who you are.

I don't need a thanks or for you to say anything. I am just asking for just one favor in return: Try and trust me for a moment. Try and do what I suggested in my posts, for a week., and see what happens.

And when others reach out to you to pull you into the gutter - just say: I'm going to try it the honest way for a bit and see how it goes. I want to have my dignity in place so that when I'm on top, I have ZERO doubts about how I got there: Through honest work and focus, using my creativity and passion.

Thanks again for all the support and love -- I'm sending it right back to you -- hope you can feel it too.

87 months ago