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Why should I choose my favorite charitable cause?


When you make money for yourself with your blogs, you are also earning money that goes towards YOUR favorite cause. 

When you cash out, you choose how much to give to that cause -- or you can choose to get all the money yourself so that you can give all or some of it directly -- or you can give nothing. Once you cash out, its your money and its your choice.

So it's your choice whether to give directly or not, and only you will know how much or how little you give.

By choosing your favorite cause, you are ensuring that money will go to YOUR favorite cause when you read blogs, and when other people read your blogs (at no cost to you). 

So make sure you choose your favorite cause, because there is no downside to you at all.

Then, read lots of blogs to make sure lots of money goes towards a cause -- and also make interesting posts that others will want to read, because when people read your posts, your favorite cause makes money, just like you do.

Thanks for continuing to believe and participate in this amazing community

The staff here have been very busy checking the authenticity and operations of hundreds of charities around the world in 82 categories of causes. In particular, it has paid special attention to their financials to ensure that most of the money they receive will really be spent on the cause, and NOT on their operations and staff salaries.

Is your favorite cause not on the list? If so, make sure to leave a comment below to let us know. Then, please be patient, as it takes some time to 1) research the viable charities that relate to the cause, and then 2) request and review their financials. While you're waiting, be sure to choose your next favorite cause, so that you're making a difference while you wait.


Together, do you think can we make a big difference? 


Johnny Cash

Fansy, good question:

If Person XYZ is reading YOUR blog:

YOU make money, and along with that, FanBox makes an ADDITIONAL contribution to YOUR favorite cause, and XYZ's favorite cause.

Those contributions DO NOT come from your share. You will make the same amount as before.

If you want to give more (from your share) you are free to do that when you cash out (FanBox can help you with that) or (if you like) you can cash out completely and give some money to your favorite charity after you get the money -- but you are in no way obligated to give money to anyone.

87 months ago
Johnny Cash

Elizabeth: Currently you can choose a cause but not a charity.

Reason: So that FanBox can ensure that the financial statements of the charities have been reviewed to ensure that the majority of the money they receive is actually being spent on the recipients or cause -- and not on their operations, personnel or computers, etc.

Many members are communicating that they wish they could choose their favorite charity. FanBox has analyzed that request and has begun working on a solution that allows members to do exactly that. Stay tuned!

87 months ago
Iftikhar Ahmad

great post

87 months ago