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I know that I shouldn't be doing this, but I simply cannot resist....


In about 2 weeks from now, I will have the pleasure of making the biggest announcement that FanBox has ever made....


Yes, that's right. The biggest annoucement in the history of FanBox.

(We already know that FanBox has been changing the world through its inventions, many of which are core to most web sites that we all use today).


So, what can be bigger than all those previous annoucements? 


Can anyone guess what it is?




OK, I'll give you 4 hints!


1. It will help Bloggers make a lot more money!

2. It will also help Advertisers make a lot more money!

3. It will help EVERYONE on FanBox make a lot more money -- more EASILY!

4. It's FUN!


(Yes - it's ALL 4 of those -- at the same time).  



You know, sometimes I find out about something before I'm allowed to announce it... 


When the news is THIS BIG, I think I have the hardest job in the world.


Keeping my mouth shut on this one is really, really hard.  :(



All I can say is that it's -- by far -- the biggest, most ambitious, most amazing thing that FanBox has ever done.


Very simply put, this is going to make history.



It's going to change everything.



OK, so it's true that I'm not allowed to say anything...


However... no one said that YOU are not allowed to guess it!



So...  What's your guess?

(A few days after I posted this,

I made a second post on the subject.



Iftikhar Ahmad

hahaha.. Oh Johnny how can we guess.. U will tell us the new changes of Fan Box !

83 months ago
кαтнεяιηε  ηℓcιтιzεη

I guess it's about being an affiliate or refferals

83 months ago
Johnny Cash

@Harry: It's not one of the 4 hints; it's all 4 of them at the same time.

@Katherine: No, that's not it. :) But -- on that different note: What ideas do you have in mind for an affiliate or referral program? IE: I think you mean that people will earn by inviting their friends... but EXACTLY how would your idea work?

83 months ago
Johnny Cash

Good guesses everyone... keep trying! :)

@Peter: I feel your pain, comrade. That's the thing about true inventions... they permanently bring to the world something it has never had before. Which makes it more difficult to guess!

The FanBox engineers have been quietly but feverishly working on this invention for almost 20 months now -- since Christmas of 2009... I still don't understand how they were able to keep it a secret for this long -- especially given the amount of people and the different types of skills it took to bring this invention to life and to the market.

It's a good time to be alive!

83 months ago
Jake Muanpuia

I guess that we are going to be paid for every click of our post without the need of clicking read more button.

83 months ago
Shehreyar10 (Free Consultant)

nice johnny thats good

83 months ago
* Arlene *

I'm betting that it's something that is going to blow Facebook out of the water ; -)
Love how you're keeping everyone in suspense, JC...

83 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks for all the guesses, everyone... but sorry to say, nobody came close yet.

But lots of good ideas you've thrown out here -- thanks for those!

Sorry folks; I am sworn to secrecy or I lose my job -- otherwise there's no way I could keep this secret much longer.... I'd really like to stay employed until my retirement date -- just a few months out.

OK, let's keep guessing... and we'll give all the folks that are gone for the weekend a chance to guess too.... and then if no one guesses correctly, I promise to throw some more hints your way.

Everyone: Those were good ideas you threw out - they surely were. However, to guess what it really is -- you need to think BIG -- even bigger than the biggest of those ideas.

83 months ago
Krishna Singh

Are you working in Fanbox?
How do you get pre information about it?
How to find out about the persons who have viewd your blog?

83 months ago