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Knowledge Booster - part 8


1) WHY is this product being launched

2) FanBox’s Big Problem

3) Exactly WHAT is this product?

4) HOW does it work?

5) Rules, Tips and Facts

6) How will it help ME?

7) WHEN does it go live?

8) What should I do NEXT?




8) What should I do NEXT?

First, dream a little!

Everyone can be a Knowledge Booster! (You only need $1).

Think about how much you can afford to Boost.

Think about much you want in return.


My advice:

Dream a little. Maybe a lot!

It doesn't hurt to aim high with your minimum return requirement. 

As the old saying goes: "You don't ask; you don't get"!

In the worst case, your Boost is not utilized, and you can try again tomorrow or in the following days, or cash out.

Even if you're not sure if you want to Boost, I strongly suggest that you grab a number as soon as the reservation system opens – to ensure you get an early number.

Reservations open this Monday, Sept 19: Noon PST (3pm EST / 7pm GMT).

Even if you decide not to Boost, it's OK to grab a number so at least your place in line is set.

Even if you decide not to Boost, by the time your number is called you might think of a friend who would like you to Boost for them.

With the new Teacher product, you’ll be able to make money by teaching your friends how to make money. 

I can only imagine that the first Boosting returns (for the people that get the early numbers) will be amazing -- because there won't be nearly as many people "competing" to get their money utilized, so higher actual returns will be possible.

So be one of the first to get your reservation numbers.

Set your alarm clock to go off THIS MONDAY -- about 15 minutes before Noon PST (3pm EST / 7pm GMT).


Any questions? I'm here for you. Just leave a comment below. 


PS:  Oh, one more thing: Your friends and fans are notified when they make money because of your Boosting them.

Can you think of a better way to say, "I believe in you" than Boosting someone?

I cannot! Cool


San Hazr3t

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82 months ago
A. Y. Z.

I'll wait for that day, hope the investing will fulfill one's dream here on FBox!

82 months ago
Khaleel Daud

yes really great information...but how do i invest to for my fans and friends is there's any tips?

82 months ago
* Arlene *

This is what we've been waiting for! Thanks again, JC!

82 months ago
! Vivianفيفيان

The great news that everyone is waiting...Thanks :-)

82 months ago
Nasa نصرالدين Jaafar

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
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thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for this post

81 months ago
Johnny Cash

John, wait until you land, or hijack the plane at 11:45am and land it yourself.

81 months ago
Krishna Singh

Thanks JC
I do not know anything about advance investing.In the absence of data about best and most popular blogs it is esoteric for me.

81 months ago
Just Jeff

Take a look at the Knowledge Investor Krishna Singh (and everybody else reading this post comment), The knowledge investor is in your Dashboard behind the orange "Invest" button. You will see after several clicks that you can invest your money in any one or more of the Top 100 USA or International bloggers; that is, the FanBox members with the most popular blogs.

Instead of investing in one or two ads, which may or may not give you a return on your investment, you can invest in a member's entire ad portfolio, and if that members ads are proven successful, because they are in the Top 10 overall, then you are likely to make a large profit along with them on your investment.

Think of it like buying shares of IBM stock. You do none of the work to make the company a success, but you share in the profit simply by buying their stock. That's what the Knowledge Investor here on FanBox does for you. One of the differences is that you can lose money when you invest in stock, if the stock goes down. But Fanbox has guaranteed you willl receive a nice return on your investment!

Currently, as of this writing, the Top 5 USA bloggers on FanBox are All Arlene, The Smartest Angel, Zoe H., yours truly, Just Jeff, and omang J. If you invest in a successful blogger, you are likely to receive an excelllent return on your investment through the success of their blogs, without having to make one blog or one post or one ad yourself. Just like if you invest in IBM -- you don't have to make any computers yourself.

Another great feature of the Knowledge Investor is that you can invest in specific topic areas of knowledge, topic areas which are getting the most "hits" from searches by FanBox users. Currently, the 5 most popular search terms on Fanbox that you can invest in are (1) movies (2) relationships (3) unconditional love (4) sports and (5) autumn. Now, you can invest your money in one or more of these knowledge areas, or you can invest your time and money by making a blog post in one or more of these knowledge areas. Or, you can do both. It's completely up to you.

Or, you can sit on the sidelines and wait while everybody else makes money here. But imagine for a moment how the people felt who had an opportunity to buy 10 shares of IBM when it was starting up, or Microsoft, or any other successful stock. Their ten shares, which might have cost them about $50, would be worth about $10 million by now! If they had only invested.

80 months ago