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Questions about Knowledge Investor?

It's amazing seeing all the reservations (over 50,000 and counting) adding up for the new Knowledge Investor product!  (To read about it, go here).

I think this is going to be nothing short of amazing... and we're all counting down the days and hours until it launches! 

My apologies go out to everyone that has sent me questions!

I am so sorry! My inbox is full of unanswered emails, and I'm having an impossible time trying to keep up!

Here's my solution:

Most of your questions seem to be about Knowledge Investor.

Please ask those questions about Knowledge Investor right here - by leaving a comment below, so others can benefit from your questions and answers.

For all other questions (other than Knowledge Investor) please go here -- Jenny Lee has volunteered to help you! Thanks Jenny! :)


So, questions about Knowledge Investor -- ask below.
Other questions, go here.  

Thanks everyone! :)



Johnny Cash

You will have the option to choose who or what you to invest in, Tara. :)

82 months ago
Krishna Singh

Very good opportunity to clarify doubts about the Knowledge Investment in FanBox.

81 months ago
May Ram

Hi JC,
when I made reservation, Fanbox blacked out, I had to wait till I can open fanbox again. Any way, I have my reservation now that's important.
I have read your post about the method of investment, I think I understood till now, since I was the one who didn't get any earning in your example :((, I was to greedy I guess in your story :-p.
Thanks JC, for being here for us. X

81 months ago
Johnny Cash

@ OH NO: Yes, those first few minutes were absolutely crazy!

1) Yes, for investing, you can use any funds that are not fully (60 day) matured but they must have matured for 30 days.

2) You will obviously be one of the first... I don't know exactly how fast it will count up but it will be quick.

@ See Hei: As Oh No says, Investments start in 5 days from now -- next Thursday.

@ Alsha: By investing, you can choose to invest in people, knowledge areas, blog posts, Ads and charitable causes -- or you can select to have FanBox choose for you.

Based on your choices, you are funding those people's Ads; or Ads in those knowledge areas; or ads promoting those blog posts; or ads pointing to blogs that support those charitable causes.

81 months ago
Krishna Singh

It is very interesting.

81 months ago
Johnny Cash

@ Smartest Angel: The same tax form will work; just lump all your earnings (minus your expenses, such as how much you invested in your ads or investment portfolios) into it.

Don't forget other expenses such as your rent or mortgage (if you work from home), and other expense that enable you to earn on FanBox. (Obviously consult a tax adviser because I am not one).

81 months ago
Johnny Cash

I have no idea about that, @smartest angel. Talk to your tax advisor. An opinion: Despite the product name, discuss it as an Ad purchase, because that's what it is.

81 months ago
Johnny Cash

@Krunia - you make money when people click on your Ads -- or into your blogs from any Ad -- whether you fund it or whether investors fund it.

81 months ago
Johnny Cash

@Twilight: If your "stuck" portfolio is "advanced", it will not necessarily utilize all or any of your money.

Go with the "Simple" when asked "Who or what do you want to invest in".

@Krunal: Please write to customer service so they can have someone review your question. (I don't have any access to your private account).

@Strange: Like all earnings, your investment proceeds can be cashed out 60 days after the month you earned.

81 months ago