Knowledge Booster STRATEGY

Clearly, the Knowledge Booster is creating a lot of excitement around the community – and a number of questions.           

(WHAT -- and WHY -- is Knowledge Booster?)

Here are the top five (5) questions being asked: 

   1) Exactly how did Arlene make $3,270 in one day?

   2) What is an optimal “minimum return” for my money?

   3) W
hat’s the best strategy to maximize my earnings?

   4) Simplify this for me. What should I be thinking about?

   5) What if I don't have money to Boost, but my friend does. How can I benefit?

Let's get started.

1) Exactly how did Arlene make $3,270 in one day?

Knowledge Investor STRATEGY

It was actually very easy:

Knowledge Investor STRATEGY

Arlene simply entered $1,000 into field A, where it asks “How much do you want to Boost?”

Then she entered $1,300 into field B, where it asks for her “minimum return requirement”.

The next day, the system sorted all the Boosters by those wanting the smallest return requirement percentages first.

(Arlene asked for 130% - which of course is $1,300 divided by $1,000).

Then, when it served the Ads, it used money from the first Booster (the one that wanted the least % return); then it used the money from the next Booster (the one that wanted the 2nd smallest % return), and so forth.

When it ran out of Ads for the day, the system looked at the very last Booster to be utilized that day, and took note of what minimum return requirement he or she had asked for.

(The last Booster whose money was utilized happened to ask for 327%.)

The system then gave ALL the Boosters (whose money had been utilized for Ads) the exact return (that the last Booster had chosen): 327%


In summary, here’s what happened for the first day for Knowledge Boosters:

Boosters that had asked for a return of 327% or less, ALL received 327% on their money. Arlene had asked for a 130% minimum requirement, so she was part of this group.

(And so of course Arlene received $3,270 back for her Boost of $1,000 - a return of 327%).

Boosters that had asked for more than 327%, had none of their money utilized, so their money is just sitting there in their FanBox Banks and they can cash that money out or try again tomorrow.


2) What's a good “minimum return” for my money?

There are many ways to answer this question.

I’ll approach it from the perspective of competitive uses for your money.

If you put your money in the bank in the United States, you will currently earn about 1% of interest, annually.

            In other words, $100 will get you a $101 after one year – a return of 101%. 

If you put your money in the stock market, or in real estate, there is no real easy way to answer this, other than to say that the economy is in turmoil, and there is a lot of uncertainty out there.

This means that you may actually lose money, or earn money – it’s not clear at all.

It is safe to say that if things do go well in the economy, a good rule of thumb in real estate or the stock market is a return of 110% on an annual basis.

To achieve 110% in FanBox as a Knowledge Booster, you simply enter 110% of your Boost Amount (which you entered in field A) into field B (see image, above).

One benefit of FanBox is that you will see what return you earned in as little as 1 or 2 days. 

Of course you need to wait 90 days after the month to cash it out – or re-Boost it.

However, you can then re-Boost all your original money -- and your profits -- again and again.

Let’s look at an example:

Let’s say that you Boost $1,000 on January 1.

And let’s say that you receive a return of 110% -- or $1,100.

Then, let’s say you re-Boost your return of $1,100 on April 1 – again asking for (and for sake of this example, also receiving) a minimum return of 110%.

That means that you will receive at least $1,210 in return, if you money is utilized.

I say “at least”, because your minimum return requirement does NOT limit how big a return you can get; it only limits how little a return you might get.  I hope this makes sense – if not ask and I or someone else will clarify that for you.

And I say “if your money is utilized” because it may not be, depending on the others Boosting and where they stand in line compared to you – based on their minimum requirement setting – as described at the top of this post. 

Now, let’s say on July 1, you Boost that $1,210 in a similar manner, again asking for (and receiving) a minimum return requirement of 110%.  Your return will be $1,331.

And then let’s say on October 1, you do it again – Boosting that $1,331 and receiving $1,464 in return.

OK, let’s say that on January 1, you decide to cash out your $1,464 to spend it on some nice things for yourself or a loved one.

The bottom line is that your return on your original Boost of $1,000 (made on January 1) returned $1,464 to you exactly one year later.

So, if you ask for a minimum return requirement of only 110%, and re-Boost your earnings again and again for a year -- assuming you ONLY earn the very minimum you asked for -- you can earn an annualized return of 146%.

Compared to what your bank would have paid you (101%?) that’s 46 times better.

Of course you could ask for a higher return than 110%.

But remember that your minimum return requirement does NOT limit how big a return you can achieve.

Your minimum return requirement only goes to determine your place in line for your Boost to be utilized.

It also ensures that you won’t get a return that’s smaller than you are comfortable with. 

3) What’s the best strategy to maximize my earnings?

You'll want to pay close attention to this:

Pick the lowest minimum return % that you are comfortable with.



This strategy will give you ALL THREE OF:

-- the highest likelihood of getting a return (as opposed to just getting your original money back) – because it will put your money in the front of the line ahead of others…

-- the highest return -- the same as anyone else that asked for and received a higher return

-- the assurance and peace of mind that you will get at least the minimum return that you are comfortable with


4) Simplify this for me. What should I be thinking about?

You just need to be thinking about the following 2 questions:

   A) How much money do I have that I can afford to NOT have at my disposal until 90 days after this month?

   B) What’s the minimum amount I would be happy with receiving back (after that 90 days).

When you can answer those 2 questions – go to your dashboard’s “Boost” section, and click the green “Create New Portfolio” button.

It really is that simple!

5) What if I don't have money to Boost, but my friend does. How can I benefit?

Good question. Simply help you friend create a FanBox account, and have them set you as their Teacher.

(Learn how here)

Then, when they earn a return, you automatically earn a 10% bonus on their profit.

The next day, you'll see your earnings in your FanBox Bank.


Any questions? I’m here for you.


realy good one

42 months ago

Well-explained...Thanks for this information!!!

42 months ago

Really, This is good step to generate money.

42 months ago

Great useful post like it

42 months ago

@johnny .... thanks for the detailed explanation!... i have two questions for you:
1) If all the fanboxers were given a minimum return of 327%, how do i and some other users got a minimum return of 349%?
2) If i transfer money to my fanbox account through western union will i be able to create ads or invest right after its been deposited in my fanbox account or do i have to wait for 30 days to be able to do so?
waiting for your reply

42 months ago

Wow JC a big congo to your guidelines and to fanbox.

Congrats to all who invested in Knowledge Investor program...and got similar returns.

My rank was 2025 ... and i waited for my turn... my heart started beating as i was not knowing what i was doing was right or wrong ?

i had usd 23 in my bank and put all of it ... and chose Fanbox to decide my Returns .....

Today, I was surprized to note that - my small amount of usd 23 - turned out to be usd 75.21 (327%) returns.... i was pinching myself - as i was not believing what i was seeing in my bank ....

I went back to the India leader board ... then went to Inbox page ... saw what my other Indian bloggers had earned - I saw many got their returns @327% .... then i came to know that I have really earned my highest earning in one day - usd 76 .... i.e. in my last 4 months at fanbox ----
this pushed me from rank 16th to rank 11th in in Indian leader board !!!

Thank youuuuuuuuuu fanbox ....

Long Live JC & fanbox engineers and all people involved in this wonderful startegy called - Knowledge Investor program.......

Love u fanbox !!!

Do take care .... will go on re-investing as stated above !!!!!
Thanx a Ton !!

Sanjoy Guha (Joy)
New Delhi / Indai

42 months ago

Awesome presentation Jc! This will clear up some important questions for some.

42 months ago

@ Oh No: Good question! (And an advanced question that I was hoping to not confuse the newbies with).

The reason you earned a higher return (349% instead of 327%) is that you chose the "advanced" answer (instead of "simple") to the question on the 2nd page "Who or what do you want to invest in?".

Then, based on your choices there (the people or things you invested in) the competition from investors to invest in those people or things caused your return to be higher.

Now, before everyone rushes out to choose "Advanced", keep in mind that based on your choices you may not get any of your money utilized.

So if I were you, I would start with Simple, and after you go a few days or weeks and get more comfortable, try your hand at Advanced.

Again, I highly recommend that everyone start with Simple as training wheels.

I hope that helps.

@Sanjoy: I agree -- it's REALLY AWESOME to see people shooting up the Leaderboard so quickly by using Knowledge Investor.

In fact, I think Arlene is only days away from becoming the new Global All-Time #1 earner... Congrats in advance to her!

42 months ago

its realy very nice post JC /////////

26 months ago

very well explained JC, now I am not confused

42 months ago

@CJ, that example should never occur.

Not sure if your example was hypothetical or if it really happened, but if it did, let me know and I'll have someone look into it.

Also, if it did happen, let me know if you think you might have gone back into a previously created Portfolio and changed your minimum requirement.

42 months ago

Great I could re-invest again, since all my investments have been utilized.

42 months ago

good info for all

42 months ago

@Ophie: You have to wait 60days before you could reinvest your return from your investment.

42 months ago

Yes Johnny is a great new program but it take money to make money But i ,m trying i put in my max that fanbox would let me add but i,m still learning and trying you know the old saying Rome was'nt built in a day, great post Cat 8 thanks for sharing Giitalian.

42 months ago

I have a question JC.... Will making ads of other peoples' post by investors fund get money for me?

42 months ago

Thanks, JC, for this detailed explanation. It does help me to understand the program better.

42 months ago

well Johnny I made 2 profiles one being simple and the other not because i wanted to see the's hoping I did right :)

42 months ago

nice thanks for the new ideas..

42 months ago

I am convinced everyone reading these explanations will have at her/his disposition a real easely understandin' explanation for the formulas used by knowledge investors as strategies. Thanks for every detail U take into consideration for making happier people all world aroun.

42 months ago

@Cj - thanks-- looking forward to receiving your email and investigating your situation.

@Jake - Yes, you definitely make money on Ads you make for other people's posts -- even if investors fund it!

In fact, that's the whole idea behind Knowledge Investor: Making it so that you can make money by ONLY blogging; ONLY creating Ads; ONLY Investing; Or doing any two or more or all of those types of Knowledge Work.

42 months ago

I played too careful, when my number was called I typed 500 $ then I thought , well for the test, lets do it 100, I aks myself now, where was my adventurous mind...

Any way I am really happy with this new product,,..more to learn..never stop learning.
My great gratitude to Fanbox team and the world of fanbox,
Thank you, JC, for being here for us, xxx

42 months ago

a BIGGG congrats to all Knowledge Investors & Fanbox !!

@ May Ram - Congrats !!

Thanks JC - i repeat u & all fanbox engineers are great & the best worldwide !!

God bless all !!
Take care
new delhi/ india

42 months ago

great guidelines,thanks for all the updates Jc

42 months ago

wow i already thought like this ....tht minimu % willl count first and so on...
and at last we all will get same % of money
but how could fanbox survive by giving so much profit to the investors
we dont earn so much money from just investing 1k $...
rich getting richer and poor getting poorer...

42 months ago

Yes Johnny but can I be an INVESTOR? am I qualified to be a TEACHER ? My money still very small Johnny!!!!! I need to earn more right ?

42 months ago

i earned $31 from my investment of $10,,, but it didn't appear on my earning history...what shall i do JC?

42 months ago

@johnny... thanks for your answer i got it now.... however you didn't answered my second question:

Q: If i transfer money to my fanbox account through western union will i be able to invest right after its been deposited in my fanbox account or do i have to wait for 30 days to be able to do so?

I'm asking you this because not only me but also many other users might be interested in investing more like myself! because i don't have more money to invest!
waiting for your reply

42 months ago

Mr. JC i would like to hear also your answer to OH NO! question if we can transfer can add funds hrough western union? i tried to invest a while ago but denied bec my earning in my bank has not reached 30 days maturity since i am new here.

42 months ago

good to know but what is portfolio name?

42 months ago

Thanks for all the questions and comments everyone!

@Angel: Please write to customer service so they can take a look at your situation.

@Oh No: Any money you top-up into FanBox (via PayPal or Western Union) can be used immediately.

@Shi2011: The portfolio name, is any name you want to give your portfolio - so that later you can remember what it is. It does not matter what the name is, and only you will see it.

42 months ago

a great guide, i have to earn something before my number is up , still have 0.00 in my earnings haha i dont have any thing to invest as of now

42 months ago

How do i get into this?

42 months ago

Very well explained....thank you so much JC!

42 months ago