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How does FANBOX make money?

With the launch of Knowledge Investor – which is generating a lot of profits for FanBox users (Investors, Advertisers, Bloggers) -- one of the questions coming up is:    

“How does FanBox make profits for itself?”

The answer is:

FanBox does not make a profit… yet.

But how can a company continue to operate without making profits?

It happens every day. 

Companies ALL start out by spending more money than they bring in -- in order to build out the products, services, marketing and infrastructure that they need to serve their customers.

Did you know that Facebook raised USD $2.8 Billion from outside investors over the last 5 years?

Facebook did so – and operated at a loss (making no profits) for years.

In a similar manner, FanBox has been very focused on building its products and services – instead of focused on generating profits in the short-term.

It might also interest you to know that (in order to be able to focus single-mindedly on its mission of helping Knowledge Workers succeed) over the course of its history, FanBox has deliberately rejected each and every offer from investors that has come its way.

FanBox has rejected outside investment in order to not be influenced by investors who would naturally push the company to make more profits more quickly.

This strategy has allowed it to focus instead on generating profits for FanBox community members. 

In order to stay alive, FanBox has generated nearly USD $200M in retail revenues from the sale of digital goods in partnership with mobile carriers around the world. This revenue has allowed it to stay focused on its customers instead of its investors.

Indeed, while Facebook has raised billions to “allow its investors and employees to cash out” (read article), FanBox has been busy building its community and products around the idea of allowing its customers to cash out.

So while FanBox is not currently making a profit from its operations, it very much believes that building a profitable business model is an important part of ensuring that it will always be there for customers in the long term.

Towards that, in the future, FanBox plans on generating revenues from outside advertising, along with small fees generating by enabling community members to sell premium content (such premium blogs, applications, music, movies and digital content), goods and services to each other. 

For now, the FanBox business plan calls for helping community members build their skills and confidence via a number of different types of knowledge work… and if that requires FanBox to run for some time without making profits, it is completely satisfied with doing that.



In the future, when FanBox launches new revenue streams, does that mean that you can earn more – or less -- on FanBox?


New revenue streams for FanBox means more opportunities for FanBox members to earn – and earn more.

Would YOU like to help FanBox succeed?


What’s best thing that YOU can do to help FanBox become very profitable and a huge success?


Become a big success yourself!


Look, FanBox’s mission is to help you succeed.

By focusing on becoming a big success on FanBox, you are doing the very best thing that you can do, to help FanBox succeed. 

As you succeed, you will be leading by example – paving the way for others to follow in your footsteps. 

Just take a look at Arlene – who within the next few hours will become the Worldwide number one, all-time earner on FanBox.   

Arlene started on FanBox a few years ago, and waited patiently while products were built, and services went live, and bugs were eliminated, and products revised and improved, and so on and so forth.

By figuring out how to succeed despite the product, community, mental and other roadblocks in her way, she paved the way for others to succeed.

(Indeed, along the way, she has been quick to give pointers to others, so that they could benefit from her patience, trials and tribulations too).    

As a result of her success, hundreds of thousands of others have become inspired to take action, set goals and work towards their own success.

Here's the thing: You can have the same – or even greater – impact on the success of the community than Arlene has had! 

(Remember that your success can now happen faster and you can be more influential than Arlene was, because when she started out she didn’t have the tools, capabilities and community that you now have at your disposal).

So, the very best thing that you can do to help FanBox succeed is to get out of bed every day, focus your mind on the positive, set and review your goals -- and execute on your own success plan.


FanBox can ONLY succeed when you do.


A. Y. Z.

Fanbox is doing their best to give excellent products to its members and giving them the opportunity to earn big. Kudos to Fanbox staff for all the hard work!

79 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks a ton for all the kind comments, folks...

FanBox is so lucky to have such optimistic, forgiving, patient, intelligent and simply incredible human beings believing in it....

Thank you sooooooo much!!!

79 months ago
* Arlene *

Thank you JC for this AWESOME post! I feel honored you used me as an example. I have seen what FanBox has become over the years...and I can't tell you how great it's been to be a part of the process. I feel very thankful every day that I found FanBox. What you guys are doing is AMAZING! The sacrifices you and your team have made is so commendable. I wouldn't be on this site if I didn't wholeheartedly believe in FanBox and its potential. I can't wait until the day the whole world finally knows what FanBox is about!

79 months ago
Iftikhar Ahmad

Working here in Fan Box is a great experience. I am sure Fan Box will gain more and more with the passage of time.. Great job Fan Box team!

79 months ago
Ophie L

YES, very true if all the members of the community succeed....it translates that Fanbox itself is succeesful. Thanks for all the efforts of the Fanbox team and its members.

79 months ago
Krishna Singh

FanBox helps its members to learn the importance their knowledge and how to share it. Ultimately it has the vision to support itself in long run. Some one said that "if you want to help yourself - help others".I wish the FanBox to be in profit soon.
Congratulations and best wishes to all for the success of Fan Box.

79 months ago
Katherine (nl Citizen)

Nice to have an overview of fanbox works, that's what we call community not only in words, thanks

79 months ago