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What's going on?

Today, I heard shouting outside my window.

The voices grew in volume, and soon it became an angry mob. I took this photo:

Riots and Protests... What's going on?

The mob was chanting "The banks got bailed out. We got screwed".


They call themselves "Occupy Wall Street".

These are the folks that have been protesting all over the USA, starting in New York's Wall Street:

Riots and Protests... What's going on?


And now the movement is spreading to cities around the country -- including San Diego where I live.

Some are saying that we might be witnessing the start of a protest movement not seen in America since the 1960s.


What's going on?

1) Is this similar - or different - to the UK riots 8 weeks ago?

2) How does any of this relate to the FanBox community's mission?

It would be nice to hear your thoughts.


Iftikhar Ahmad

Peoples are suffering just because of govt Policies. they need jobs and foods but American CIA and Pentagon just wasting money in Afghanistan. They should work for the welfare of the people not putting their nose in other countries issues. we should work for peace not for war.

79 months ago
Nasa نصرالدين Jaafar

It looks to me that the economy in the US and Europe especialy and in the world generaly is slowing down for a long time. It will take a long time to recover, at least it needs a couple of years. People will seek for alternative or side income and some will find it on internet. Since it is not very easy to make money on internet in ethical way nowadays, Fanbox provides a good alternative for them. in fact. it is the best web that I know in helping people around the globe and it already has a strong bult platform for that.
Happy Blogging to all FANBOXERS !

79 months ago
May Ram

Now I found my lecture notes, thank you JC, for being here, for us. x

79 months ago
Lana Ferra

I cannot believe americans with their highest level of life are not happy! They think they do not earn enough LoL welcome to Russia, I will help to find some job for you... my son needs building workers ;-))

79 months ago
Meliha Colic

No wonder that Wall Street numbers are up today. Banks got too much money from the governmant and they (banks ) want even more. So they are trying to rip ordinary people, by installing new fees on top of the old fees, etc.

79 months ago