Trouble with Knowledge Investor?

NEWS: I have posted a new update here.

Much like we've experienced with many new big product launches, there are issues being reported with Knowledge Investor -- such as:

   -- The system is not accepting your Investment.

   -- The system is paying you back many times for the same investment.

If you see any such issues, please report them here.

A big "Thank you" goes to Amit for reporting the "free money" that was showing up in his account: You are a scholar, a gentleman and a great example of honesty and decency that we can all hold up as an example. The FanBox community tips its hat to you, Amit!

(A few others were not as honest and one of them even set out to create a few accounts to exploit the issue and cash out. Not to worry; his is no longer with us).

Rest assured -- the team is burning the midnight oil to get these issues behind us.

There may be some downtime today as they work to resolve these conflicts.

Thanks for your patience as together we continue to set out to "boldly go where no man has gone before".


Very admirable Amit! I wonder how many others would have reported free money. Thanks for the update JC.

56 months ago

thank u JC for the information
and thank u Amit, we are proud to have u in Fanbox

56 months ago

Excellent Johnny thanks for the heads up. my hat off to amit for his honesty... :<)

56 months ago

nice info...

56 months ago

I am so proud of you Amit.
Thanks JC, xx

56 months ago

I have convinced 3, my mother in law and sister in law and one of my very special friend to join fanbox, since the investor program. My 2 family members has not much knowledge ( as well as english skill) about internet surely about fanbox too, although I have explained them about an hour. But still I have to do everything on fanbox with them.

They don't want to use their bank accounts and they never used paypal, so I have to do via my paypal.

My friend is different story, he has no time, and he joined the site and leave it with me, he comes on fanbox when he visits me.

they all joined fanbox because they trusted me, and because I can guide them with it.

56 months ago

Well Amit did the right thing, we have to form a unity on an honest base,. some time ago i also saw that my all-time earnings were about tirty-five thousand $ and i comment on it on fanbox cause i know that it was a mistake and that the administrators will notice it soon enough.I really do want to earn something but let it be something blessed,thanks JC and thanks Amit.

56 months ago

@ Karl Jackson i have the same question, i like to know after how many days the investment is utilized?

@ Tony I also noticed my earning is decreased too much, maximum earning from my new posts and from other reading my post is about $0.30 even I have more posts and more fans and friends..
also I am not lucky with Ads system always earning from Ads is too much less than daily budget and end it up with pausing my Ads

@ JC are u having headache from our questions? hope not my friend and my helper

56 months ago

i have a different problem here 3 invesments payment (oct. 2) was accepted but none of them are still active..all three investments are still incomplete in status though the top ups are already registered in my fanbox bank as of this moment (oct.12)..

56 months ago

We need more people like you AMIT I am really glad you are on our team!! Thank you again!!!

56 months ago

Hats off to you Amit for being so honest and for being an awesome community member. I'm sure your honesty will be rewarded in the near future. And keep up the good work!

56 months ago

yes thats a mark of a honest man ..not willing to take the free money and reporting it so he can earn tons more later on...its the smartest way to be honest.. thank you JC if i have a problem with knowledge investor i will report it too thanks

56 months ago