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Experiencing wild swings in your earnings?

Hi everyone!

I am noticing fairly wild swings happening in people’s earnings.

Some people are earning less; and some are earning more.

Let’s take a look at what is happening.

1) With the launch if Knowledge Investor, all Ads are now getting funded – which means all Ads are active.

Before Knowledge Investor, many Ads were out of money or their owner “paused” them.

2) To add to that, the production of new Ads has quadrupled since Knowledge Investor has gone live – because now Ads do not need to be funded by their creators in order to be served or earn. 

3) As a result of all the new and old Ads that are now live – thanks to Investors -- the average click rates of Ads has shot up – as many more Ads are now in circulation.

(Remember that Ads are served by "Best Click Rates First" -- meaning the best Ads get most of the love -- so the site's average click rates go up as more Ads become available).

4) This means that many times more visitors are arriving into blogs from Ads now (vs. before the launch of Knowledge Investor).

5) In turn, that means that as a source, people are seeing a lot more of their earnings arriving from Ads, instead of from fans and friends.

Here’s what I believe I am seeing:

It appears that Investor is creating a more level playing field for earning.


It used to be that to make money on FanBox, you had to first spend lots of time building your Fan base – so they would spend time reading your blogs.


Now, I am seeing new people making lots of money – even if they don’t have many friends and fans – directly from good blogs and/or Ads.

It appears that Knowledge Investor is leveling the playing field – creating a more equal opportunity to earn no matter how long you’ve been on the FanBox site.

Many of the bloggers that have been around for a while are making less than they were before – and many are making more – depending on how good the Ads are that point to their posts.

And many new people (that wouldn’t normally be making much this early, because they don’t have a lot of fans or friends) are already making good money.


So, what does all of this mean for YOUR earning strategy?


1)   Focus more on your favorite knowledge role(s).

Less of your earnings will be coming from your Fans, and more will be coming from strangers.

2)   Make sure your posts all have good performing Ads, and make sure your Ad tags are accurate. If your Ad tags are not accurate, your Ads will not be getting the “love” from the Ad servers or the earnings.

3)   If you’re more into creating Ads than you are into blogging, get moving building Ads for your favorite bloggers’ posts. 

Just make sure your Ads are effective and ONLY use tags that are relevant to what the post is really about.

4)   If you’re becoming knowledgeable about FanBox and are ready to teach others, you can make excellent earnings by becoming a Teacher or a Success Coach. 

Teachers can earn by going to Blogger.com, Wordpress or Typepad to spread the word about FanBox.

You can easily show those bloggers that they can be earning by automatically importing their posts into FanBox…

… and now that others can create Ads AND fund their Ads for them – they don’t have to worry about anything except making great blog posts!

When you successfully bring someone over, you earn 10% on top of everything they earn (it doesn’t come out of their earnings)! 

Details on being a Teacher   


If your English spelling and grammar are excellent, and so is your knowledge of how FanBox works, earn by becoming a Success Coach!

Not only do you get the pleasure of knowing that you’re changing the world by helping people have better lives (believe me, it feels great), but you also can earn when your “clients” succeed. 

Details on being a Success Coach


May Ram

Now I am not so late as before. :)
Thank you JC, x

81 months ago
Khaleel Daud

great and wonderful post....thanks JC !

81 months ago
! Vivianفيفيان

Well-explained...Thanks for this information!!!

81 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks for the comments everyone!

@Kari: Yes, indeed hooray for the newbies... this levels out the playing field for sure.

And the GREAT thing is that virtually all of the "oldies" would rather "level out the playing field" for the newbies (even if that means they have to change their approach or make less money) because they really want FanBox to succeed.

The "oldies" understand that for FanBox to succeed -- it has to become much easier for newbies to succeed (than what it took them to succeed when they first started). That's why so many of them are eager to help, or be success coaches, and assist the newbies in any way possible.

@OH-No: Yes, definitely speak to the wonderful Jenny Lee -- she's volunteered to help with the Success Coach program so she can assist you or anyone else that's ready to be a success coach.

Also, if you noticed, none of your earnings are marked as "others investing in you" anymore...

(Even if others invest in you, all your blog earnings show up as "making new posts" -- and the same thing with "Ads". There is no longer a designation of "others earning in you". )

Having said that, late next week you'll start getting an email to your FanBox email box that shows you exactly who invested in you (that helped you make money). (It won't show you all the people that invested in you but whose investment wasn't successful in earning you anything).

81 months ago
Meliha Colic

Nice explanation. Thank you very much JC.

81 months ago
Meliha Colic

I have noticed that my earnings do flactuate from day to day. One day I would earn decent amount of money from my posts, from making new posts and ADS, next day it is only few cents from categorizing and rating.

81 months ago
кαтнεяιηε  ηℓcιтιzεη

thank you, always something to catch from Johnny

81 months ago