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Change the name of "Knowledge Investor"?

Lately, there are many new blog posts about Investing.

Many people are suggesting that the word "Invest" is a bad name for this product.

They say the word "Invest" suggests that maybe they could lose money (like what happens in real estate, or stocks).

But with FanBox Investing, you DO NOT lose money.

Remember, with FanBox Investing, you are only boosting (increasing) your bank balance.

So, people are suggesting that we change the name of "Invest" so its more accurate.

What do YOU think?

Do you think the word "Invest" makes people feel scared -- like they might lose their money?

If so, how about we change the name to "Boosting"?

In other words, no more Knowledge Investing -- only Knowledge Boosting?


May Ram

I agree with Munawar,
but we have to think of majority.
We are hardly using the words "knowledge investor" or "knowledge investment". We just use investor or investment. So it scares away some people, who has no faith in fanbox, or who doesn't know fanbox well.
To me, how it's called doesn't matter, it's working great.
But I am so curious about the reaction of others.

79 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

I agree with May Ram.
All users are familiar with the norms of "knowledge investor", no need to change, keep it growing.
That's my opinion

thank you

79 months ago
Johnny Cash

I do agree that once you fully understand it, there is no fear.

But how many people never get started, because it sounds scary?

With the name, I think we should think of the new person -- not the small % of us that have figured out that there's no risk.

79 months ago
! Vivianفيفيان

For me there is nothing wrong with it.

79 months ago
Moon _grace

investor,investment ,investing ... same objectives

79 months ago
May Ram

Oh, I did not say to change or not to change. Because It's up to the majority.

As JC said, for newbies, and the oldies, who haven't had chance to taste the fruit of Knowledge investor product.

I honestly have to agree about being scared of the word "invest".
I remember the first day when the knowledge investor was launched. First I thought , 500 $ to invest, but after that, I told myself, well just for test 100$.

I am still curious with the ideas of others, in this matter.

79 months ago

I like investing more than boosting
i disagree with this change, if some body is scared from the word invest, u JC and many bloggers made it clear that word (invest) means here in FanBox : never to lose ur money
so no need to be scared, and no need to change

79 months ago
Mudassir Rashid

Yes, boosting is more appropriate than investing

79 months ago
Krishna Singh

Boosting is not investing. in fanbox investing also one is not sure what will be the return on investment.

79 months ago
Khaleel Daud

I agree with $ Anne's Napsky...there's nothing to be change !

79 months ago
* Arlene *

I personally like the term 'Knowledge Investor' but we just have to be more vigilant about explaining to people how easy investing in FanBox is, that there is really no risk, like the word "investing' implies. Knowledge Boosting implies boosting or increasing knowledge, which doesn't really make sense for what we're trying to describe.

79 months ago