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Hi everyone!

Well, now that 2012 is officially under way and we’re all back to work, let’s discuss some of the new & exciting things that are coming!

Some of the upcoming features will be relatively detached from current functionality and will have no impact on the other features that are already live.

Other features will impact current functionality – so please pay attention.

One of the most exciting items, as I hinted to before, is that FanBox is preparing to allow you to provide (sell) your blogs, products and services!

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!


Just choose what you want to provide:

Hi everyone!

·      These can be products that you make yourself; or purchase from somewhere and sell in FanBox.

·      You can offer services for things you can do from home (and provide over the Web) or can do for people that live in your area.

·      You can also sell your own blogs. You can make part of your blogs or posts free; and part of them premium. 

This is how you create your blogging packages:

Hi everyone!

Automatic Recurring Earnings:

I LOVE this feature: Your products and services – and even your blogs – can be sold on a recurring-revenue basis -- meaning that you can charge for usage on a monthly basis (automatically):

The buyer would just press “Purchase” one time, and then from that moment going forward, every month funds will automatically flow from their account to yours (until they no longer wish to receive your product or service). 

I like this because it makes it really easy to predict your monthly earnings, because you’ll soon know what percentage of your customers choose to stay with you each month.

Some examples of things that can use this Automated Recurring Earnings feature:

I will walk your dog every day, for $50 per month.

I will give you one massage every week, for $150 per month.

I will deliver 3 healthy meals to your home every day, for $199 per month

You can access all my blogs (the free and the premium sections), for $3 per month

You can access my Quote of the Day blog, or my horoscope blog, for only $2 per month.

I will help you learn how to earn money on FanBox, and be personally available to you over Skype for questions, for only $50 per month.

       I'll teach you algebra for $50/month. 

You’re only limited by your own imagination.

Just set up your product or service like this and you're on your way:

Hi everyone!

And here’s one of the best parts…  (are you ready for this?) 

If you’re not sitting down, please grab a chair and sit down!


Seriously, I'll wait until you are sitting....


You will be able to use all your money to purchase products, services or blogs immediately – with no (zero) maturation period.

That is correct!

That means that any money you earn TODAY, you will be able to utilize TODAY!

Already, everyone in the community is starting to think about the things they will sell on FanBox…

… just imagine all the products and services you can get access to – the very minute you earn any money!

You will have an exploding directory of products and services your fingertips... 

Hi everyone!

... and you can instantly claim anything that makes you happy!

Hi everyone!

So, what does this mean to those of us looking to earn by providing things: 

Almost all your fellow Fanboxers will have money instantly available to purchase your items with only ONE CLICK...

... because they won’t need time for their money to mature.

Hopefully it’s REALLY CLEAR what this means for HOW MUCH YOU WILL BE ABLE TO EARN! :)


Guess what else?

The Head Success Coaches have been quietly (and secretly) working on a plan to bring the merchants, restaurants and services in your area into FanBox as providers -- providing their products and services to FanBoxers at a discount

… so this would also mean that you can get what you want from your local merchants AT A DISCOUNT -- immediately (without waiting for your money to mature).

Can you imagine what you’ll be able to get immediately?

Food. Massages. Clothing. Gifts. Furniture. Dental work. Entertainment. The list of categories is actually endless.

By the way, do you remember when I said to “Trust me…. Soon you will see how becoming a Success Coach will be one of the best moves you’ve ever made?” Here’s just one hint:

Guess who will reach out to local merchants to bring them onto FanBox so they too can earn?

You guessed it… Our Success Coaches!

Specially trained SCs will receive a bonus on EVERY DOLLAR the local merchants make from FanBox – for the life of that merchant!

So start thinking about which of your favorite restaurants, stores, doctors, flower shops, cafes and stores could use a very nice boost in their revenues…

Once you’re an SC and know how to easily bring them into FanBox, you’ll be earning every time they do!

So hurry up and become an SC so you can have first access to your favorite merchants!

Don't worry: You will receive special training so it will be both fun & easy!

But wait... there's more!

YOU will be able to build an Ad for ANY product, service, blog package, or merchant you see in the directory.

For example, see a local massage parlor in the directory?

Hi everyone!

Create some Ads like this:

Hi everyone!

... When someone clicks on the Ad, they can then purchase with just one click.

And automatically and instantly, you earn too.

(Of course the Knowledge Investors that funded your Ads, earn too).

What about bloggers?

From your blog posts, simply turn any text into a link - which leads to the purchase page.

For example, select the words "Aromatherapy massage" in your blog post -and click a special button. This will pop up:

Hi everyone!

Simply choose the service or product that will get sold when people click the link from your post.

(This can be any service, product or blogging package that YOU are providing; or someone else is providing; or that you have previously bookmarked for easy access to it).

When people click the link you created, they go straight to the purchase page - and you earn when they click the "Purchase" button.

Hi everyone!

Of course, all the Success Coaches and Teachers of these Promoters and Bloggers earn too!

Now let’s talk logistics.

The engineering team is working to bring all of this to you very soon!

To enable all of this money to be used immediately with no maturity requirement, the Finance Department must move the cash out maturity time to 90 days from its current 60. (They promise as time goes by, they’ll work to bring this back down).

Is this clear?

Cash outs will now take 30 days longer.

At first glance, the 90 day maturity for cash outs made me sad.

But then I did some calculations, and realized that it was actually a good thing – people will have MORE MONEY to cash out!

That’s right – this will help everyone -- YOU -- make more money – A LOT MORE MONEY:

Slower maturity for cash outs (plus no-maturity for spending) will motivate people to buy more of the things FanBoxers (you) are selling, and therefore everyone will end up making a lot more money.

Remember that as soon as person A sells something, she can immediately use her new money to buy something from person B…

… who can immediately buy something from person C…

… who can immediately buy something from person D…

… who can immediately buy something from person E…

… who can immediately buy something from person A, B, C or D…

… and so on and so forth…

… so the money will go round and round to many people many times quickly…

… ultimately making more money for everyone.

That's called "Igniting an economy".

And each time person A, B, C, D or E makes money -- their Success Coach and Teacher makes money too.

And the person who blogged about their product or service or premium blog, makes money. (And so does their Success Coach and Teacher).

And the person that built an Ad for their product, service or premium blog makes money. (And so does their Success Coach and Teacher).

And the person that invested in their Ad makes money, as does his Success Coach and Teacher.

And guess who else makes money? The Success Coaches and Teachers of all those Success Coaches and Teachers!

As a result of these features, everyone will be able to make much more money.

OK, that’s all for now. I will keep you posted with new information as I get it. 

For now, work to become a Success Coach as soon as possible...

... and if you already are a Success Coach, bring up your Grad Rates, as only the best SCs will be offered the best opportunities. 

In summary:

·    Products, Services and Premium Blogs are going live very soon (February).

·    Everyone will be able to use their money instantly – with zero maturation – 60 days faster than how it is now - for products, services and blogs offered by the FanBox community.

·    You'll also be able to use your money (with zero maturity) to get things from local merchants in your area -- at a discounted price.

·    The only "cost" for all of this, is that cash outs will now take 30 days longer: (90 days instead of 60)

·    Everyone will be able to create Ads for all products, services and premium blogs.

·    Bloggers will earn from linking to products, services and premium blogs.

·    Approved Success Coaches will sign up local merchants, and earn on all their FanBox revenues forever.

·    The best thing YOU can do for yourself right now is become an effective Success Coach – by concentrating on your Grad Rate – that’s the percentage of your clients that graduate.

·    It should be clear to you now, that the big money-making opportunities on FanBox are only about to begin.  

All the time you have been spending on FanBox up to now has simply been training...

... practice...

...for the opportunities that are about to become available.



Together, we have spent years waiting for these opportunities...

.... building the foundational pieces that enable these things to happen...

... and finally, we are about to see these opportunities become a reality.

I hope you are as excited as I am!  Any questions? I'm here for you.


Le Thanh Kong

Thank you Johnny Cash for your great informations. It's the best business I've ever known because FanBox has built a benefit system for all users who take part in this nice community.

Have a nice day!
Happy to you and FanBox teams

76 months ago
Sari Along

great..new service in 2012..wanna look fwd..

76 months ago
May Ram

I will be back to read again. Good night, xxx

76 months ago
Katherine (nl Citizen)

What a brillaint idea, very interesting JC.

76 months ago
* Arlene *

This is going to revolutionize everything! This is sooo exciting! I can't wait for this to launch!

76 months ago
Meliha Colic

Thank you JC. This is going to be great.

76 months ago