Announcement: Less PayPal fees

Starting today, there will be no PayPal fees for:

1) ALL topping up


2) Cashing Out topped-up amounts

Starting today, you pay no (zero) PayPal fees for the amounts of money you topped up.


If you top up $1,000 to your FanBox Bank today:

At any time in the future when you cash out, your first $1,000 that you cash out (using PayPal) will have no PayPal fees (because FanBox will pay that for you).

You only pay the PayPal fees for any profits that you cash out.

Another Example:

You top-up $200 today (which I know a lot of people are already doing, so they can double their profits instantly via the new FanBox Graduation program), and you Boost that $200 and earn $220 as a result…

… and then you decide to cash out the full $220 using PayPal…

… FanBox will pay the PayPal fees for the first $200, and you only pay the PayPal fees for your $20 profit.

In this example, your total PayPal fees for cashing out the entire $220 are less than $1 – no matter where in the world you live.

Just in case this is not 100% obvious:

Starting now, there is absolutely NO WAY you can lose money from Boosting or funding your own Ads...

... you can ONLY profit...

... because the only (very small) PayPal fees you may pay are ONLY on your profits - not on your original money that you topped up to your FanBox Bank.


In summary:

1) Now ALL your PayPal fees for BOTH topping up AND cashing out will be paid by FanBox – up to the full amount of your Top-Ups.

2) This new policy applies to Top-Ups you make starting today, January 14, 2012.

3) If you decide to cash out using a FanBox Bank Check instead of PayPal, of course there will continue to be no fees whatsoever on any part of your cash out.


Wow, Thanks Jc for such a good news.

53 months ago

good info.. Paypal is the best! payment processor

53 months ago

thank you for that informative info ..i think alot people was worried about the extra fee that paypal was charging and so was all choosing to get the mailed in check instead of getting their money thru paypal i think this will solve alot of the issues with cashing out process..thank you

53 months ago

Great new policy in FanBox !!! :-))

53 months ago

WOW, thanks FANBOX and thanks to you JC for the good news

53 months ago

Its sound good......well done JC

53 months ago

this is we can boost with our money and make more money...thanks JC and FanBox

53 months ago

Great announcement,JC! thank you!

53 months ago

I hope this will encourage everyone to start "boosting" or investing their money in FanBox...there are no excuses now...great piece of news for those who use Paypal to cash out.

53 months ago

Thanks 4 the news JC.

53 months ago

wow..this is great news..i like using paypal..thanks JC

53 months ago

great news

53 months ago