The Future of FanBox: (rescheduled to Friday, Feb 10)

1) Where is the program headed?

2) What responsibilities will there be?

3) What does the financial opportunity look like? 

You've been wanting more details, and we've been carefully keeping some secrets...

Well, no more secrets!

Join us for a live call - over the Web - Friday (Feb 10) at 2pm (Pacific time) - 5pm (Eastern time) - 10pm (GMT).

NOTE: It has been rescheduled to Friday, Feb 10!

Looking forward to hearing your voice, giving you details on what's coming, and answering your questions! Cool

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thank you. Look forward to hearing you

56 months ago

Looking forward to this. Thanks JC.

56 months ago

awesome, cant wait

56 months ago


56 months ago

Another brilliant idea! xxx

56 months ago

great info..sounds interesting !

56 months ago