Issues, Bugs or Glitches?

Have you noticed any issues or bugs with any FanBox products?

Well, we have, and have made a list of them! 

FanBox is definitely working on correcting these issues!

Please understand that there may be a bit of frustration now -- as the engineering team continues to focus on completing and rolling out the new Services and Products software.

Why aren't bugs corrected more quickly?

As a reminder, FanBox wants to share most of its revenues with the community (YOU) rather than paying for a super-large staff.

This means that (in the short term) things can take a little longer to happen than we would all like.

The alternative would be to hire more engineers and pay out less money to the community.

(Every time we discuss that option, we end up deciding that maybe it would be OK to wait just a bit longer to get things done, so that our community -- YOU - gets the earnings they want and deserve).

As time goes by (and after Services and Products go live) I am sure that issues will be addressed more quickly.

Thank you, thank you & THANK YOU for your patience and understanding.



my blog pictures is not changing from last three weeks ... please also fix this problem

56 months ago

always a dog came with wire in its mouth when i try to change blog picture..

56 months ago

Its ok dear JC we are waiting.

56 months ago

Thanks! That will be a great help, explaining to those who keep asking the SC's the WHY's from the clients.

56 months ago

Glad you made this announcement, JC. The community needs to know FanBox is working on Products and Services...we can't wait for it!

56 months ago

I hate that bugs!!!!! :)) take them offffff :)))

56 months ago

thanks for the info, JC....

56 months ago

Thank u for telling us what is going on.
take your time and good luck

56 months ago

Thanks for keeping us informed.

56 months ago