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Faster Maturation for Providers

Many people are starting to sell more & more Products and Services.

And for many of these items, the Provider has hard costs.

For example, recently I purchased some of April's cookies. She not only had to pay for her baking supplies but also shipping materials and postage.

And so until her money matures, she will be out of pocket for those expenses.

We have a solution:

Starting tomorrow, April 1st 2012:

In any month, if a Provider does 10 transactions -- totalling $100 or more (in retail sales) -- their Provider earnings will mature in 60 days.

However, if a Provider completes 50 transactions in a calendar month totalling $500 or more, their Provider earnings will mature in 30 days.

And if they complete 100 transactions totalling $1,000 or more, their Provider earnings will mature in 0 days.


Karl is selling an item for $20 and sells 80 of them in the month of May. (That's 80 transactions totally $1,600).

He qualifies for 30 day maturity, so his Provider earnings will mature in 30 days after the month of May (June 30).

Now let's say that Karl is also selling an item for $1 and sells 25 of them in May.

Well, that means in May he had a total of 105 transactions (80 + 25 = 105) totalling $1,625 ($1,600 + $25), so he's now eligible for 0-day maturity -- which means his Provider earnings will mature at the end of that very same month (May).

So just add up your total transactions (how many you had; and the sum of their retail prices), and use the following grid:

Transactions Total Maturity

10 $100 60 days

50 $500 30 days

100 $1,000 0 days

Now, Premium Blog Package sales do not count towards your total transactions or total retail sales, as they do not typically have hard costs.

Only the Provider's share -- earnings that the Provider generated from the sale of Products and Services -- count.

Oh, one more more thing: Recurring transactions do count!

In other words, when you are selling something that has a monthly charge to it (instead of only a one-time charge), and people are automatically paying you each month for your Product or Service, those transactions count towards your faster maturity.

Example: Let's say that April is selling cookies for $10/month. In other words, each month, she will send you a package of cookies -- based on the flavor of the month - and each month $10 will be deducted from your FanBox Bank.

Those are called recurring transactions. And they count towards April's number of transactions and total retail sales.

You will find that the best way to create a stable, long-term revenue stream for yourself is by selling Products, Services and Premium Blog Packages that have a recurring revenue element to them.

Why? Because after a person buys, they don't need to remember to buy again every month - or take any action whatsoever - to continue to be your customer.  Their FanBox Bank will automatically pay you each month - providing a dependable stream of earnings for you; and hassle-free uninterrupted access to your Product, Service or Premium Blog Package for them.

So, what are some valuable recurring revenue items you can sell?


OK, so what's one of the fastest ways to increase your number of transactions?

Without a doubt, it's FanBox Ads, because:

1) FanBox Ads are very effective because it's the fastest way to reach lots of FanBox members...

... and that matters because FanBox members can buy your Products or Services with only one click.

Does this make sense?

The fact that everyone's FanBox Bank is completely integrated into the Product and Services suite means that purchases can happen very easily -- and without the user needing to go through more steps -- each of which would have represented opportunities for him or her to get distracted or drop out of the buying process.

And remember, all FanBox members can spend their earnings on your Products and Services without delay or needing for their funds to mature, so everyone is only one click away from purchasing your Products and Services.

2) You don't even need to pay for FanBox Ads if you don't want to - so you have nothing to lose.

(But if you do pay for your Ads, you'll earn 100% of the retail price of your Products or Services - so I highly recommend that you pay for your Ads if you can).

Remember, when someone clicks from an Ad and buys something:

The Provider (of the Product or Service) gets 70% of the retail price.

The Promoter (that created the Ad) gets 6%.

And the funder of the Ad (whomever paid for the Ad) gets 24%.

You can play one, two or three of those roles (and earn 70%, 76% or 100% -- depending on whether you Provide, Promote and/or Fund).

Don't have anything to sell?

Or even if you are selling lots of things -- why not hurry to build a ton of Ads for all Products and Services (that you think are worthy) that are being Provided by OTHER PEOPLE?

Remember, you can earn 6% or 30% of the price of other people's Products and services! (Depending on whether you fund the Ad or not).

So if I were you, I would be rushing to create awesome Ads for as many (good quality) Products and Services as you can -- because there is lots to gain!

And I would definitely fund all Ads myself!

Here's why:

The cost of Ads for Products and Services are really low right now - because the new Ad system just recently went live.

This means that the prices for Ads are at their lowest point now. Which means that right now you have the biggest opportunity to make a profit, because you'll receive 30% of the retail price FOR EACH SALE no matter how little you spent for your Ads.

Does this make sense? People that fund their own Ads right now will likely be making the largest profit because of the low cost for Ads, because there is less competition at the beginning of a new product launch.

And if you don't want to fund your Ads -- no problem! Just create awesome Ads and you'll still make 6% of each sale that results when someone clicks on your Ad.

Happy Providing!

Any questions? I'm here for you.


Bash Syed

JC put delete option in provider and also if someone buy a blog in provider which is monthly then put option to cancel it if someone dont want it..

73 months ago
Bash Syed

and answer MR DU question also "can I return the product and refund money if not satisfied?" ...

73 months ago
Ophie L

Great information....if you are not a provider, could still earn by promoting these products and services or by funding the ads.

73 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

that's great policy for us. thank you JC

73 months ago
Viva Lits

another great efforts from Fanbox
thanks and God bless

73 months ago
CArMz Ca

This is another good news and apportunites....thanks for the info. Godbless!

73 months ago
Krishna Singh

Will advertising others product earn money for time spent by clicking on the providers blog? He gets commission only if there is an order for the product. But if someone views the adv by clicking on it and spends time on the blog but does not buy it thr advertiser will not earn any money and he will have to pay per click.

73 months ago