New Intro Video to FanBox

What do you think?

Is it missing something? 

Based on current traffic levels, it will be watched over 1 million times in April alone, so let me know and I'll pass your suggestions on.




Johnny Cash

PS: Sorry if you have left me emails and haven't received a response yet... I have been very preoccupied with other priorities but will get to your emails soon.

65 months ago
Ophie L

Wonderful Intro video presentation about FanBox.
I guess I could not add anymore, since all the features are found in there....but, let's see, will think later if there's still missing.

65 months ago
Katherine (nl Citizen)

Awesome Video JC.

65 months ago
Marius B)

great how you did it !

65 months ago
Sari Along

nice lovely video..

65 months ago
Lana Ferra

cool video!

65 months ago
Shehreyar10 (Free Consultant)

Awesome sharing dear JC, everything has amazing. Thanks for share.

65 months ago
Secko Rama

Cool video, maybe one suggestion for the next: it should be focused to all earning possibilities not only blogging and products and services offerings ;)
Next: noticed that videohoster is Vimeo -> when will all users get this option?

65 months ago
Melanie Jarman

Great :) I love the way FanBox is progressing. I'm so proud to say I'm a part of FanBox!

65 months ago
Jasha Good Luck

I'm delight to see the growth of FanBox and it's climbing the ladder higher and higher. I'm very pleased with its progress not only because
I 'm in it, it also helps the community to prosper.

65 months ago
Rosalia Marco-Vidanes

this video is awesome...simple yet professionally's an intro to what FanBox is all about and those who'll get to watch it will want to learn more..great job..I agree with Arun...I also think it was able to send the intended message effectively

65 months ago