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Meet Brandie -- FanBox's President

By now, you may have heard that FanBox is about to make history again:

The first U.S. corporation to give up control to its customers.

Soon, the FanBox founder and President will be giving up the President's role to the community -- to the person that proves most successful at helping the community: The most effective Success Coach.

You can read more about that here

Well, before Brandie leaves as President, I thought what a shame that many of you have never met her.

She spends countless hours taking care of everything it takes to keep the lights on at FanBox and ensure everyone keeps getting paid.

As founder and President, Brandie is why FanBox started, and how it kept going. She is the person that most LIVES the FanBox mission:

To uplift humanity
by enabling opportunity

Everyone that works at FanBox knows that Brandie is the hardest working person they have ever met.

How they know that, is that every day when they get to work, their inbox is full of emails that start going out between 3am and 4am.

What many people don't know is that when she gets a moment to herself or a half day off on a weekend, you can find her at the local homeless shelter serving food or washing dishes; at an orphanage helping their management; or at a center for abused women or children offering an ear to someone that simply needs someone to believe in them.

She doesn't like attention because she doesn't do any of this for recognition -- and so I will make this brief.

But I did notice a blog post with a photo of Brandie in it - so I thought I'd take advantage of the opportunity to say thanks.  

Meet Brandie: FanBox's President

Brandie is the blond lady on the left.  

(The other lady -- holding the check -- is Trupti - who runs accounting and ensures everyone gets paid). :)

Brandie: Thanks from all of us FanBoxers...

...for the sacrifices you have made to get us here; for the sacrifices you're about to make; and for just being you and the way you are.

Meet Brandie: FanBox's President


Jake Muanpuia

Thank you Brandie. You make my days meaningful and enjoyable too only because of your vision and hard work. If I have anything I can do for you.. I will never say NO to you.. never........

73 months ago
Krishna Singh

Thanks JC for introducing Brandie to all like me who did not know about her sofar. I wish she continues to guide us.

73 months ago
Iftikhar Ahmad

Congratulation for making it possible and give us a plate form to meet with new people and earn money through sharing our thoughts and helping for our cause. I think this is matchless efforts that you are doing to uplift humanity. Its really nice to meet you here!

73 months ago
Melanie Jarman

So awesome... thanks Brandie. When I hurt my back in 2008 I felt I was stuck in the 'limited income hole' forever. Thanks to FanBox, that isn't true anymore.

73 months ago
Mr & Mrs Jake

Thanks to you Brandie...Your such a nice and wonderful person that deserved to be our Leader in the whole World...You showed as the way how we improved our life for a better be.Without you will never be here...Thank you much...and..WELCOME....WELCOME.....WE LOVE YOU.

73 months ago
Katherine (nl Citizen)

Thanks Brandie, you have done an outstanding job. You help a lot people by starting this kind of networking, including me. You inspired a lot of people like me, it's a very huge hope for everyone. You are one of the few from billions of people who have done an awesome job for people.

73 months ago
Ophie L

Very pleased to meet the FanBox President, Brandie.
Thank you JC for letting us know her before she leaves FanBox.
Great appreciation also goes to Brandie for founding FanBox and for the many lives she had touched, not only in and out of FanBoz but worldwide. Your legacy will remain.

73 months ago
Zafar Mahmood

nice post and great job

73 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

I saw her and some of FanBox leaders in "FanBox video" that I posted before. They are so great.

73 months ago
* Arlene *

We love you Brandie! Thanks for all of your hard work, dedication, and for just being you. I'm so happy I had the opportunity to meet you. You are definitely one awesome woman! As you know, we love FanBox so thank you for bringing FanBox into our lives...

73 months ago